Core business: Instrument and Service for Predictive Maintenance. Supply and build data for online condition monitoring system. Training for maintenance staff about Predictive and Preventive Maintenance.

  1. ONEPROD / ACOEM: Mainly focus on the vibration analysis for rotating equipment : Data Collector, Diagnosis with Artificial Intellegence. ONERPOD is a French Company and belong to ACOEM Group, the product range included : Portable Vibation Analyzer, Semi-Online Vibration Analyzer with Wireless Sensors, Online Conidtion Monitoring system
  2. FIXTURLASER / ACOEM: This brand mainly focus on shaft laser alignment system and Geometric Alignment system.  Fixturlaser’s products is simple but effecient and « Anyone can do laser .
  3. SONOTEC: German manufacturer of industrial ultrasonic devices, SONOTEC ultrasonic devices are used in the detection of gas leaks, electrical leaks, valve failures and steam traps, lubrication and damage tests. mechanical parts are broken.
  4. PLARAD: is a Bolts Tightening solutions company. Their Product range included Elctric Nutrunner, Hydraulic Torque Wrench and Pneumatic Torque.
  5. TIMKEN: is a bearings and power transmision company. Their products is mainly focus on heavy duty application like Tappered Roller Bearings.
  6. TMINDUCTIONHEATING: is a Induction Heater manufacturer from Neitherland. Their Products are high technology and frendly for using.
    KUKKO: is a puller company from Germany.