ATALINK Technology Co., Ltd (ATALINK) is an enterprise established in early 2018, providing Cloud-based Procurement Management Solution-as-a-Service.

ATALINK inherits experience from LARION – a company with over 15 years of developing smart supply chain management systems in the US for industries that require highest level of information security such as security trading, banking, real estate, healthcare, etc. ATALINK has been constantly developing in offering our clients a comprehensive procurement management solution, helping helping their businesses to increase value most effectively

ATALINK is the Cloud-based Procurement Management Solution-as-a-Service, helping each business to manage pro as well as each industry to access and have the opportunity to understand multi-dimensional pictures of the supply chain that closely related to the efficiency of its business operations.
With the platform to foster integrity, transparency, centered around the efficiency in management as the key motivation for client’s success, ATALINK helps businesses increase value through unique capability to link and interact seamlessly with partners, with the market.

 Functionalities of the application can be customized based on your specific business characteristics, to enhance value for your business in the most efficient way.