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Huawei and Toshiba Digital Solutions showcase common solutions for Smart Factory based on narrowband IoT technology

2017.11.29 [Shenzhen, China, November 29, 2017]

Huawei and Toshiba Digital Solutions (Toshiba) jointly introduced the first results of a joint collaboration on Smart Factory * 1 solutions. ) based on the NB-IoT technology of Narrowband Internet of Things at the Global Mobile Broadband Forum 2017. At this event, both companies demonstrated the Smart Factory solution with Toshiba Gateway IoT Gateway device equipped with Huawei’s NB-IoT chipset.

The two companies agreed to cooperate in the industrial IoT field in March 2017 and have performed technical testing of NB-IoT applications for the Smart Factory as their first project. Huawei and Toshiba will jointly organize field trials of this solution with the use of Huawei’s global OpenLab system, including a lab located in Japan, and simultaneously explore global business opportunities.

In this collaboration, Toshiba uses IoT SPINEX architecture and Huawei’s NB-IoT solution with high reliability and wide coverage. Intelligent plant solutions based on NB-IoT technology enable plants to monitor and remotely monitor machine activity in production areas where current LTE signals are difficult to access, and there is no commercial power supply.

Toshiba serves the manufacturing industry with the introduction of a new efficient solution with SPINEX as well as SATLYS, an AI service that integrates 140 years of Toshiba’s expertise and experience and innovations in the field of manufacturing to perform rapid detection and anomaly in factory production. As a leading provider of global ICT solutions, Huawei offers comprehensive telecommunication systems including NB-IoT, which has been commercialized by 14 network operators in China, Korea, Germany, Spain and other countries. Huawei also collaborates with 600 companies in 40 industries for NB-IoT applications such as bicycle sharing, home appliances, water meters, street lighting and logistics.


1 Smart Factory: Advanced plants are capable of improving productivity and quality through the collection and analysis of various data by incorporating IoT into factories.

About Toshiba Digital Solutions

The Toshiba Group is a global competitive organization focused on four key business areas: Social Infrastructure, Energy, Electronics and Digital Solutions. Toshiba’s digital solution is the main driving force behind the Group’s Digital Solutions business and provides integrated systems and services to accelerate the digital transition. With over 140 years of experience in the field of manufacturing and trading social infrastructure, combining with the latest ICT technologies including IoT and AI, Toshiba Digital Solutions also creates new values ​​for customers and society.

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