Exhibitors List

No.CompanyBooths numberNationProduct Highlight
1 3S CO., LTD.T10- MaxForce (Magnetic Coupling) - Aluminum Grating & Cable tray - V-Lock bolt & nut
2A-SUNG INTERNATIONALR3SMC(pneumatic) OMRON(industrial Automation) LS(power distribution) 3M(tape,bond) SUNJE(ionizer)
3ACE CORP., LTD.M6Condensate drain trap which drain out automatically from compressed airline systems. No need electri
4ADT CO., LTD.G5AD Drive for motor control
5ALPOTECH CO., LTD.N8Alpotech CO.,LTD mainly manufacture Aluminum profile accessories, Caster, and Leveler.
6AMECH CO.,LTD.R41.EMD-Electro Magnetic Deburring&Polishing M/C 2.Vibration Barrel M/C 3.Super air gun-Rotary Shock
7AN STEEL CORPORATION.R7 Steel bar, coil, sheet
8Bonc Innovators Inc.P16Monitoring system providing fishery tool location, fishing state, fish detection
9BOXCO INC .P21Enclosure and cases 1.Plastic enclosure 2.Aluminum enclosure 3.Cable gland 4.Junction box
10BTR SOOSUNGC15Gearless traction machine for Elevator
11BUKWANG TECH CO., LTD.P18We BK Tech, are professional manufacturer for Automobile mold parts and Injection mold part
12BUYOUNGMETAL CO., LTD .G8Hinge,Door Handle,Door Pull,Hanger,Cabinet Lock,Catch,Latch,Damper,Door Stay,Clamp,Level Foot,Castor
13CA HARDWARE CO., LTD .P22CA is a company that develops,manufactures,distributes and trades all kinds of industrial hardware.
14CENTURY PRECISION CO ., LTD .H16Various types of gear cutting tools hobs shank S/C disc S/C bell S/C power skiving C/T special C/T
15CENTURY SANUP VINA CO., LTD.P27Air Dry, Elevator Aircon,
16CHONG RO CO., LTD. (종로 베어링)A7Bearing, LM guide, Sensor, Valve, Motor, Housing, Oil seal, Coupling, Adapter, Pump, Bush, Switch
17Dinh Viet Energy Co.,LtdS14Boiler
18CP SYSTEM CO.,LTD.G6Cable Chain, Flexible Tube, Connectors, Robot dress pack system, Robo-kit
19DACELL CO., LTD.P19Load cell, torque sensor, Digital indicator, LVDT, Push-pull gauge, data logger, Pressure sensor.
20DAE JIN HYDRAULIC MACHINERY CO., LTD.K61.Esp Series (Smart hand pump) This hand pumps help work easier and simpler than previous models do due to upgraded specifications - Lightweight design and unloading valve for less operator fatigue. - Vent-free reservoir prevents oil leak. - Removal internal pressure automatically of reservoir.
21DAEWON INDUSTRAL CO., LTD.B22Two for one twister for synthetic yarn and winder
22DAEYEOL BOILER CO., LTD.P23Since its establishment in 1970, our company has specialized in industrial boilers for 48 years.
23DAIJINBOLT IND INC.D20Automobile Bolt Heavy Equipment Bolt Costructual Bolt Parts for Industries Steel Tower Bolt
24DCM CO., LTD.M31. Centrifugal Disc Finishing Machine 2. Lapping Machine 3. Vibratory Finishing Machine
25DKCE17Stop valve (Ball valve)- Optional attachments of excavators.(breakers and crushers) Drain valve&Hose
26DONG-A ELECTRIC CO.,LTD.C22We are the most specialized manufacturer company including MCCB, ELCB, MCB, MC, TOR, ACB, ATS, etc.
27DONGHWAPNEUTEC CO., LTD.K1Leading Manufacturer of Compressor DongHwa Pneutec
28DONGJIN VALVE INC.C25Cast Iron ,Cast Steel,Stainless valves
29DONGWOO HST CO.,LTDH4We offers customized PVD coating system and services according to various industrial applications.
30DONGYANG CHAIN INDUSTRY CO., LTD.A8Industrial conveyor chain Bucket elevator chain Pan conveyor chain Flow conveyor chain
31DONGYANG P&FP15Pneumatic Conveying System Silo Rotary Valve Diverter Valve
32DOOSAN INFRACOREE13- Engines (DL06 / DL08 / DX12 / GL11 / 4L126 / V180TIL / DX22 / DP222) - CE(DX225LCA / DX140WA)
33DUCK MYUNG CO., LTD. ( DCM )D15*Circular Saw Blades For cutting Metal* HSS Saw Blade Friction Saw Blade Cermet & TCT Saw Blade
34DYC CO., LTD.F14-Carbide & HSS Endmill, Drill, Reamer,Cutter -Carbide & HSS Countersink, Counterbore -Aerospace Tool
36ENE SYSTEM CO., LTD.P14Condensate Auto Drain Trap / Oil-Water Separator (Filter Type) / Oil-Water Separator (Chemical Type)
37ENSTEC VINACO., LTD.E16ARES, TJG-3030DV-CNC , Eagle-s2010 ,Smart-2010 ,SZMN45-B4
38FLOWIND22leading the international trade for korean machine such as a Pressbrake, Extrusion, injection, etc.
39FOM ENGINEERING CO ., LTD .P24Multi Application, Pressure Reducing Control, Triple offset Motorization Butterfly Valve.
40GGM (GLOBAL GEARED MOTOR)B20AC/DC geared motor, BLDC motor, Controller, Shaded pole motor
41GIGA HNT CO., LTD.S71. Compressed Air Filter 2. Air Oil Separator(Compressor) 3. Exhaust Filter(Vacuum pump) 4. Etc
42GOTEC I1* Super fast plate drilling machine Drilling up to carbide 50mm with high-torque spindle motor.
43HANIL LUBTEC CO.,LTD.B19Electric Cup Grease Pump, Convertable High Pressure Electric Cup Grease Pump DUO-MAX,Distributor
44HANKOOK MACHINE TOOLSH2Precise, rigid and powerful Heavy Duty CNC Vertical Lathe, CNC Horizontal Lathe and Manual Lathe
45Precise, rigid and powerful Heavy Duty CNC Vertical Lathe, CNC Horizontal Lathe and Manual LatheD21Hex Socket Bolt, Flange Bolt, Set Screw, Sém Bolt, Hex Bolt , Special Bolt
46HANSUNGBOLT CO., LTD.D17Bolt, Screw, Fasterer, Nut, Washer
47HANYOUNG NUX VIETNAM CO., LTD.H15We are supplying temperature control, measurement instruments, Timer, Counter, Panel meter and Proximity sensor which are necessary in automation industry. Our products are used in various industries to make an up-to-date technology.
48HBL INC.M4Pipe rack symtem (Coated pipe, Metal joint, roller track) - AGV system - Aluminum Modular system- cart
49HEESUNG INDT7High Speed Industrial Doors
50HEPHZIBAHG1Industrial Portable Air conditioner which can be used in factory, large kitchen, outdoor event etc.
51HIDS201.3D Printer -> Application of large-area surface light source using LCD mask 2.Incineration system
52HONGSAN CO., LTD.G12It is a generation Tapping center with large output, high accuracy, high speed.
53HYOSHIN MECHATRONICS CO., LTD.F13Gas Solenoid Valve, Explosionp-proof Valve, Pressure Switch, Gas Filter, Flow Switch, etc.
54HYOSUNG HEAVY INDUSTRIEST8We offer induction motors from low to high voltage satisfying all standards.
55HYUNDAE MACHINERY & ELECTRIC CO ., LTD.B17Press for Insertion, Compression, Trimming, Caulking, Embossing, Punching, Bending, Coining.
56HYUNG JAE PRECISION MACHINERY CO.,LTDR1The warp knitting beam for tricot and raschel Machinery
57ILSHIN MACHINERY WORKSR1Automatic Sewing Thread Winder:High-speed drum operation Cone/Cap Shape,Individual Motor Driven Syem
58INA CORP., LTD.C13We provides Total Solution systems which utilizes Intelligent FA, precision control and robot.
59DAARA GROUPR5Daara new/used machinery e-market serves as the Korean top online industrial marketplace provider.
60INTELLI KOREAG101. CADian 2017 Professional : Alternative of AutoCAD 2. CADian Easy MECH : Mechenical Symbols
61JALMAN PRECISION CO ., LTD.B13-Needke Roller Bearings -Track Roller Bearings -Rod Ends -Ball Joints -Spherical Plains -LM Stroke
62JND HYDRAULICS CO.,LTD.B16-Needke Roller Bearings -Track Roller Bearings -Rod Ends -Ball Joints -Spherical Plains -LM Stroke
63JTM CO.,LTD. BERLT KOREAH1In-house design, machining, installation, tool operation, JIG & Fixture, HOB, CBN, cuttinag tools
64KCI CO .,LTD.D23Koryo Coating Machine Industrial is a global leader in the field of powder coating,
65KFFIC (Korea Federation of Fastener Industry Cooperatvies)C20KFFIC is the non-profit association serving the South Korean fastener industry.
66KJF CO., LTD .C16Hydraulic Clamps, Pneumatic Clamps, Toggle Clamps, Work Supports, Rotary Joints, Clamping Pads
67KM&T CO., LTD.G4The universal material testing machine is used for testing the load, strength, Compression,tensile
68KOFAS CO.,LTD.D19Bolt & Nut, Special Fastener
69KOPECON7Ceramic ball, Steel ball, peek ball, plastic ball, T/C ball ceramic bearing, plastic bearing, hybrid.
70KOREA MACHINERY AUCTION & EXCHANGE (KOMAX)T12Used Machine tools Injection Machine Press Extruder Construction Equipment Lift Manufacturing Line
71KOREA MOTOYAMA INC .F15Globe Valve Ball Valve Butterfly Valve
72KOREA PNEUMATIC CO., LTD.D13- Push-In Fitting - Polyurethane Tube - PU Spiral Tube - Nylon Tube - Teflon Tube
73KOREA SONIC CO ., LTD.S19'K-Sonic' We will provide best ultrasonic cleaner and automation technology for your company.
74KOREA COUPLING CO., LTD.S6Taper Grid Coupling, Gear Coupling, Disc Coupling, Tire Coupling, Jaw Coupling, Flange Coupling
75KWANG JIN CORP.E15Applicable for steam, water, thermal oil, hydraulic oil, and coolant.
76KWANGWOO CO., LTD.C24We are developing and producing for Rotary Encoder.That is feedback sensor which controlled motor.
77L&K TECH CO., LTD.N2Metalworking machine (laser welding, laser cutting, laser marking)
78LEEWHA SRC CO., LTD.B23Two for one twister for spun yarn Assembly winder for spandex yarn Air covering machine
79LINEAR AIR COMPRESSOR JSC.N1,N3Air compressor, Air dryer, Air filter, Air tank receive
80LOCKVIT E & C CO., LTD.S3Screw tapping , Bolt & Etc Bolt, Nut, Rivet , Spring Washer , Etc washer , Hinge , Shaft
81MARINE INDUSTRY CO., LTD.R6Aluminum Ladders Aluminum stools Magnetic Chuck
83NARA SAMYANGG2Power transmission equipment: Geared motor, Worm reducer, Screw jack, Helical worm reducer, etc.
84NasaLok & ND Inc.P17Pre-Applied Adhesive coated Fastener Pre-Applied Sealant coated Pipe Sealant Dispenser Teflon Tape
85NSQUAREG3Mecanum wheeled AGV Laser scanner (LiDAR)
86OSG KOREA CORPORATIOND18Taps , Endmills , Drills , Rolling dies , Rack Dies
87OSUNG GMK3Double disc grinding machine
88PARA-ENTG7Digital power(voltage) controller used in electric furnace and oven to keep the tempearature stable
89PNM FK LTD.M1Axial Piston pump & Motor K3V63,K3V112,K3V140,K3V180,K5V80,K5V140,K5V160,K5V200,K3V280,M5X130,M5X180
90PROTEC CO., LTD.K5Protec produce special Pneumatic cylinders one of critical component for designing automation field.
91PURETOPIA CO., LTD.T6Turbo lower:low noise,low vibration design with air foil bearing. polymate: Mixing of two mixtures
92S. K. T CO ., LTD.M5Tool Grinder (SKT-450) & Attachment 2Axis NC Tool Grinder(SKT-2SN) 4Axis NC Tool Grinder(SKT-4SN)
93SAMHWA MACHINERY CO.,LTD.R2Samhwa Machinery Co., Ltd. specializes in manufacturing machines for non-woven textile production.
94SAM HWA PMI M8Eco-friendly, high-accuracy industrial Cooler & Panel aircon High performance HYD Unit
95SAMIL FASTENERC19Expanding Blind Rivet / Bulbing Blind Rivet / Lock Bolt / Max Lok / Special Customized Fasteners
96SAMSUNG CONTROL VALVE CO., LTD.S5Dome Valve ASBV-1000 SERIES / Pinch Valve PSV-1000 SERIES / control globe valve SCV-1000 SERIES
97SAMWOO HITECHB14High-frequency ball bearing spindles High-frequency air bearing spindles
98SANGDO TDSM7Heat treatment furnaces and the technology transfer to achieve productivity & quality stabilization.
99SANGWON INTECHD14We are FAsystem company. And expert for Up/Down system with customizing. We provide best products.
100SANGWON ENGE14We will help you lead the field of processing technology with a new clamping technology.
101SANGYONG ENG CO., LTD.K21. Fluid coupling 2. Gear coupling 3. Flange coupling
102SEJINiGB CO.,LTD.P201. Xeno-Quadro Power Serise 2. Clean Rack Pinion(CRP) Serise 3. Linear Engine (LE) Serise
103SEJITECH CO.,LTD.H3Non-gravity mixer/ Shovel mixer/ Ribbon mixer / Smart Microwave compound dryer
104SENES TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD.B151. SeneS Robo Series ( 6 Axis, Payload 3, 5, 10 & 15kg) 2. Zero Back Drive ( as Harmonic Drive )
105SEOLIM AUTOMATION CO., LTD.C14Since 1979, Seolim Automation have had many experiences of the machinery parts and elements.
106SEOUL TECH CO., LTD.B18Mechanical seal is one of leakproof device in pump and other machine.
107SEWOO INDUSTRIAL SYSTEMS CO., LTD.M2Linear Motor, Linear Stage, BLDC Motor & Driver ,DC (Geared) Motor
108SHIN HEUNG PRECISIONC231.Centrifugal Oil Cleaner(CP) 2.Portable Centrifugal Cleaner(PCC) 3.Green Purifier & water separator
109SHINMYUNG ELECTRIC MFG, CO., LTD.(SMC)H17We are together with the customers as company that provides the best solutions with competitiveness.
110SHIN SUNG SPINNING & LASER CO.,LTD.B21V-pulley, Tension pulley
111SHINJIN FASTENERS CO., LTD.C21Hexagon Head Bolts /Hex Socket Head Cap Screws / Stud Bolts / Flange Bolts (Customized Products Available)
112SHINSUNG HITECHA11SSP9900S and SSP2900T are high-quality automatic textile printing machine for all fabrics and texile
113SINO KOREA CO.,LTD.N5High speed vertical machining center
115SMART FACTORY ENGINEERING INC.K4Auto Lubricator : Automatically injects grease into the robot moving parts.
116SUNG WON MACHINERYS4 Sung won twin Spiral Mixer is the new concrete mixer with faster mixing speed and mortal resistance.
117SUNGSHIN ELECTRIC FURNACES8Conveyor type Electric Furnace, Various industrial heat treatment Furnace, Conveyor
118SYSTRONICS CO.,LTD.D16Refrigeration, Air Conditioning Automatic Control Controller and Remote Monitoring System
119TAEYANG METAL INDUSTRIAL CO.,LTD.C17Cold forged component for automobiles - Engine / Brake / Steering / Suspension/ Chassis components
120TMT ENGINEERING CO., LTD.G9Portalble axle load scale (Portable truck scale) crane scale indicator controller wireless display
121TOBA CON6High precision Lateral Control(±10um) Gravure Printing
122ULTRAENG CO.,LTD.T5Brato's Low Backlash Planetary Gearheads
124VIET PHAT TECH CO.,LTDS13,S15,S171. High Speed "C" Tpe Press , 2. High Speed Die Cutting Press, 3. Hydraulic Deep Drawing Press , 4. Hydraulic Cylinder , 5. Hydraulic Power Unit, Etc
125WONGONG MACHINERY CO., LTDI1DNF-1050(3spindles CNCtype drilling M/C for H-Beam) GT-6510(0~45º semi-auto N.Ctype Band Sawing M/C)
126SILLA ENGINEERING CO., LTD.G11Structural & Bearing steel, Plastic Mould steel, High carbon tool steel, Work tool steel Mould base
127WONJIN INDUDTRY CO.D24Die Casting Cooler & Brazing
128WOOYANG ENG CO.,LTD.A91. Oil mist collector 2. Fume collector 3. Wet scrubber 4. Provide various customized dust collectors
129YHB ECO CO.,LTD.A10Oil Mist Collector, Dust Collector, E/P for machine tools
130YUJIN COMETAL CO., Ltd.C18Metal Fastener - Hex bolt, Stud bolt, Wrench bolt - Holding down bolt - Coupling bolt
131ZHUZHOU HGTOOL TUNGSTEN CARBIDE CO.,LTDM14Main products are carbide saw tips, brazed tips, milling cutter, turning cutter, grooving cutter, carbide dies, strips, plates, rods, carbide for mining, endmill , drill etc. OEM and customize also accept.
133HO GIA PHAT SERVICE CO., LTDE10-12; F9-10-11-12 machines and tools for heavy industry, oil exploitation and processing, process of consuming raw materials
134SAI GON SUNLIGHT TECHNOLOGY LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANYB9-10-11-12 Manufacturing and trading of transformers 35KV - 100KV - 220KV - 500KV - Installation, dismantling and repair of transformers - Construction of transformer stations
135ALLIANCE – CB-CERATIZITC9-10-11-12• Metal working, Sheet metal processing including machinery for sheet steel industry. Aluminum die casting. Industrial oils, coolant oil and tools for these industries.
137DUY KHANH ENGINEERING CO.,LTDD10-12Designing and manufacturing molds
139ETEC AUTOMATION TECHNOLOGY CO., LTDF6-8Industrial automation
140HIEP MINH PHAT TRADING CO.,LTDB5-7milling machine, lathes machine, grinding machine, EDM machine, tooling for machine tools, EDM consumables
141QUOC HUY TECHNIQUE COMPANY LTD.B6-8Testing- Calibration-Maintenance
142WELDCOM INDUSTRY JOINT STOCK COMPANYC6-8the machines, equipment and technology solutions for the metal fabrication industry
143HAO PHUONG CORPORATIOND6-8Fuji Electric, IDEC, Kansai Automation, Takigen, TOGI, Circutor, Taiwan Meters
144HIEP PHAT INDUSTRIAL EQUIPMENT CO., LTDA1-2Cutting tools, industrial oil, cutting coolan, equipment and accessories
145HUNG LONG INDUSTRIAL EQUIPMENT CO.,LTDE9-11Laser welding, laser cutting machines and industrial robots such as: welding robot, cutting robot, pick and place robot, painting robot and other applications.
146DANG MAU TAN CO ., LTDE5-7Automobile, Mechanical Engineering, Oil & Gas, Shipbuilding
147VISION EQUIPMENT CO., LTDE6-8From robotics to vision system solutions, design and fabricate conveyor system
149BIBUS VIETNAM E&C Co. Ltd.E2-4 Compressed air: CKD, Piab, Camozzi, JRT. - Hydraulic: Danfoss, Yuken, Argohytos, SunHydraulic, Heypac, Eckart, Mahle. - Electric: Rossi, Tsubaki, Rollon, REER, Ikeuchi, YTS, Cemp, ACE, Bansbach, Item.
150CTY AUSTRALIAN GENERAL ENGINEERING VIETNAM JSCF5-7CNC Laser Cutting CNC Turret Punching CNC Brake Pressing/Folding Cutting by Band Saws, Guillotines, Shears Tube Bending Welding Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum Metal pressing & stamping Product assembly & packaging
152NAM HOA MECHANICAL ELECTRICAL JOINT STOCK COMPANYA4Manufacturing the kind of switchboard : Main Switchboard, ATS Panels, distribution boards,… Manufacturing Cable ladder,trunking, Cable tray and accessories…
153REWA VIETNAM EXPORT IMPORT BUSINESS PRODUCTION CO., LTDA3RO, Nano water filter, desalination filter system
154IDEA TECHNOLOGY DEVELOPMENT JSCB1Machine Design , Precision Machining, Machinery Manufacturing, Robot Development, Automatic Guided Vehicle , Control Software Development
155VIJA TECHNOLOGY JOINT STOCK COMPANYB2Design and manufacture of FA equipment, precision machining, equipment maintenance, production support
156BENTON CO., LTDC1creativity solution in product design, packaging design and graphic to build strong brands
157ANH DUONG TECHNOLOGY EQUIPMENT CO., LTDC2supply hand tools and do the maintenance work, repairing equipment and industrial machinery
158DONG TAM INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING CO., LTDB4surface preparation and industrial air pollution control
159SANG TAO JOINT STOCK COMPANYP13Solutions for low voltage power supply and automation: main switchboards, distribution boards, motor control centers , PLC panels. - Cable management systems: cable ladder, cable tray and cable trunking systems - Sheet metal fabrication.
160MHP TECHNIQUE CO., LTDD4PUNCH BRAKE TOOLS & BRAKE PRESS, High Performance Chain and Conveyor System.
161TIE VIET NAM COMPANY LIMITEDP5Scale treatment system - Industrial Lubricants:
162A AU INDUSTRIAL EQUIPMENT AND MACHINERY CO., LTDP11Milling, Turning, Grinding, EDM machines, Linear Scales and DRO
163PROCAD VIETNAM CO., LTDP6 Altair (HyperWorks), Ansys, Autodesk, CoreTech (Moldex3D), Manusoft (iMold for SolidWorks), Missler (TopSolid), Logopress (Die design), PTC (Creo Parametric), Siemens PLM (NX, Solid Edge, Teamcenter) và SolidCAM.
164NHAT TINH ENGINEERING & TECHNOLOGYC4 Manufacturing and assembling industrial machines
165BICH HANH PRODUCING TRADING ELECTRICITY CONSTRUCTION CO., LTDP9 Electrical panels, Eable ladder, Cable tray, Trunking, Air duct and Electric grid accessories
166MESO TRADING CO,. LTDP8- Providing 3D Mesuarement/ Scanning device and service - Providing industrial transmission device. - Total solution for industrial consumable product.
167CUV JOINT STOCK COMPANYP10Ventilation, cooling workshop, dust and odor handling
169DAI HOA PHU ELECTRIC LTD., CO.D3AUER from Austria, Canon, Riko from Japan, FHF, Subklew TEW from Germany and AUTONICS, SENSYS, HI BOX, DURI, WORLD TECH, EXCEM, DIGITAL FLOW from Korea, LiteOn from Taiwan.
170 DANG TRUNG QUAN LTD., CO.D2+ Air compressor, air dryers, supplying Spare parts for air compressor + Consulting installation and constructing gas pipeline system + Repair and maintenance for all sort of air compressors
171TAN NAM DO DEVELOPMENT JOINT STOCK COMPANYC3welding electrodes and welding wires
172HAI HA MACHINERY AND TRADING CO., LTDB3Forging, Stamping, Welding Robot, spot welding, TIG welding, Cutting, Bending, Pressing, CNC lather ...
173VIET SON MACHINERY MANUFACTURING CO, LTDD9-D11Shearing machine Folding machine Cold rolled metal forming machine Bending machine Fabrication of electrical cable tray Floor, wall, car frame CNC machining of mechanical parts
174HAN MY VIET AUTOMATION CO., LTD.I24Electronics automation equipment, Pneumatic and Hydraulic equipment, Services
175ECOM CO.Precision sheet metal processing
176SOLUCA CO.Fabrication and installation of machinery and equipment
177TIEN DUC CO.Specializing in providing equipment, machinery for shipbuilding, construction, marine, oil and gas, testing ...
178SPACE COOLING CO.Supplying ventilation, air conditioning, dust filter, industrial automation
179 DAVITEQ CO.1. IoT system for monitoring of mold making machine. 2. IoT system for monitoring of part production machine
180SC VIETNAM - HCMC CO., LTD Installation of machinery and industrial equipment.
181DAI VIET CONTROLS & INSTRUMENTATION CO.,LTD.Solutions for energy, machine status, production, and environment in industrial factory
182DANH DANG COMPANY LIMITEDK13,K14, K15,K16a supplier of electrical equipment, solutions, technology, and automatic products
183MINH HOA INVESTMENT JOINT STOCK COMPANY I11We manufacture a comprehensive product range of brass and Zinc- Aluminium alloy valves, faucets, accessories, various kinds of plastic parts and valves, and water meters for the industries of water, gas and petrol supplies or supporting industries
184VINAMETAL COMPANY LIMITEDK18Specialized in manufacturing as well as supplying technical products made from metal and plastic in order to serve the industries of machinery, construction, power and water supply.
185NHAT MINH DESIGN MANUFACTURE CO., LTDI9A specialized company in the precision molds and high quality plastic products field in Vietnam.
186HOANG SON VINH LONG MANUFACTURING - MEMBER LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANYI21Precision machining completely CNC machine technology
188TP PRECISION CO., LTD.I13Manufacturing company specialized in making high precision machined components by Swiss Automatic Lathes and CNC machines
189VIET NHAT PRECISION MECHANICAL PRODUCTION COMPANY LIMITEDDesigning mechanical products with high quality based on high precision and modern machinery
190CATHACO., LTDWith the installation of the 150th machine and the support of automation technology such as fully automated robot arm equipped to every single machine and the machine monitoring system
191VINH PHAT MANUFACTURING AND COMMERCIAL CO., LTD.K20Designer and manufacturer of  injection molds and compressing molds for plastic industry. Precise plastic parts and plastic products for electric and electronic, dyeing, packaging cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries, composite flag poles, lamp poles, street sign poles, garment accessories and hand embroidery pictures in HCM city
192CAO SU VIET COMPANY LIMITEDK19"Cao Su Viet Company specializes in manufacturing of technical rubber products and Polyurethane (PU) products on Orders: Rubber/Polyurethane rollers, gaskets, seals, tubes, sheet, O-ring, wheels or other rolls, etc. with many types of materials: NR, NBR, Silicone, EPDM, Viton, Polyurethane… The main products are rubber and polyurethane products for packaging, printing and food industries. "
193VEAM FOUNDRYVF owns an Italian furan resin casting system with a capacity of 2,500 tonnes per year, Taiwan's green sand casting system with a capacity of 1,500 tonnes per year, and automatic green sand molding system imported from Sinto (Japan) with a capacity of 8,600 tons per year.
194TUONGLAI RUBBER PLASTIC MANUFACTURING TRADING CO., LTDM20Specialized in manufacturing, process , and ordering of technical rubber and plastic products, supporting the assembly industry. Automobiles, Motorcycles, Electronic & Mold Processing.
195BACH TUNG MECHANICS & CONSTRUCTIONS CO., LTD.M19Having  10  years experience  in  machinery  processing  for Japanese  companies  in  Viet  Nam’s  Industrial  Parks  and Export  Proccessing  Zones
197CNS AMURA PRECISION CO., LTDI17CAP is specialized in precision molds: Plastic mold, rubber mold, die-casting, spare parts… We also do injection as the customer’s request.
199ANH THY JOINT STOCK COMPANYH11, H13One of the leading manufacturers in Vietnam of medium and low voltage electrical switchboards up . produce cable support systems and sheet metal products exported to Japan market
200HIEP PHUOC THANH PRODUCTION CO.,LTDI12The increase in volume required us to expand
201T.C ELECTRONICS SOLUTION VIETNAM CO., LTDI16With 2 modern SMT lines and 3 assembly lines, TCE has specialized in Electronics Manufacturing Service (EMS) providing
202LIDOVIT TRADING & LNDUSTRIAL JOINT-STOCK CO.I10Various kinds of bolts, nuts, screws, thread rods… made by carbon steel, stainless steel, brass, aluminium
203VIT VIET TRADING AND INDUSTRY PRODUCTION CORPORATIONManufacture and supply fastener accessories
204BEN THANH RUBBER JOINT STOCK COMPANYWe are specialized in manufacturing: EP/NN fabric multi-ply rubber conveyor belts, V-belts, Technical rubber spare parts, Other rubber products

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