👉Periods: March 28th – 30th, 2018
👉Venue: Coex Hall A, B and C
👉 Organizer: Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy
👉 Managed by: Coex, Chomdan Inc, IO Media, Smart Factory Bureau, Smart Manufacturing Industry Association, Korea Machine Vision Industrial Association
👉 Exhibition Composition
+ Smart Factory Expo
+ Aimex
+ Korea Vision Show
👉 Concurrent Events
1) Smart Factory Conference (Mar 29th-30th)
2) OPC DAY Korea (Mar 30th)
3) Seminar for Smart Factory Proliferation (Mar 28th)
4) Conference & Consultation Meeting for Smart Factory Proliferation Business (Mar 29th)
5) Public Hearing of Roadmap for Smart Factory Technology Development (Mar 28th)
6) Conference about the 4th Industrial Revolution and Robotics (Mar 28th)
7) Industrial Network Technology Seminar (Mar 28th)
8) FRID Factory Automation Seminar (Mar 29th)
9) Conference for 3D printer users (Mar 29th)
10) Strategy for Manufacturing’s Survival (Mar 29th)
11) Smart Sensor Forum (Mar 29th)
12) Prospect of Smart Sensor’s Nex Generation (Mar 30th)
13) Conference for establishment of Smart SCM (Mar 30th)
14) Industrial IoT Innovation Day (Mar 30th)
15) Presentation of Exhibitor’s New technology (Mar 28th-30th)
💖💖💖 Results 💖💖💖
👏 29,954 Visitors in total
👏 Compared to last year’s 27,226, the number of visitors increased by 10%
🔔🔔🔔 Overview of 2019’s Exhibition 🔔🔔🔔
👉 Period & Venue: March 27th(Wed) – 29th(Fri), 2019 Coex Hall A,B,C and D
👉 Theme of 2019’s Show: Digital Transformation in Manufacturing
👉 Main Plan
– Based on industry, forming theme of future factory
– Concentrating on gathering buyers
– Program for major companies visits
– Target marketing aiming visitors from provinces
– Business Matching
– Holding 10 specialized Seminars
– For example, global smart factory conference

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